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"How To Flash With JAF Nokia Via USB"

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Cara Flash Hp Nokia Dengan JAF Via USB (untuk bahasa Indonesia klik disini)

 Well, amidst my busy with college assignments are piling up, I make time to update the blog. I bring the topic or theme of this post about the hp / mobile phone Nokia branded (because I also have the same hp), but not about the review, but about how to flash the alias format congenital Nokia phone software, if it happens to hang or can not be turned on. Because of my experience I have ever tried to practice well, then I ventured to share with all of you who may also experience things / the same case with me, that is damaged hp software and need to be in the format is the only way. There is a good idea to backup all data on your phone like a phone number stored phonebook, sms, etc.. Maybe you can try to flash the phone you own, rather than ask for help to the engineer and have merogok no small pockets, most around 35ribu-50s of thousands. Okay, just to the discussion.


Software used to perform flashing of Nokia Phoenix and Odeon JAF and tools supporting the Nokia Diego, Nokia PC Suite, and SarasSoft UFS.
Flashing Mobile actually can be done easily using the tool itself, but because the price of these tools are so expensive, I figure out how to do Flashing using USB Data Cable. Flashing the phone can be done in 2 ways, namely by using the Nokia Odeon JAF and Phoenix, but the easiest in my opinion is to use the Odeon JAF, because I'm still learning Nokia Phoenix.
In this occasion I tried to teach you how to do the HP Flashing using JAF Odeon. Simply follow the instructions I give below:
Software Required:
Nokia PC Suite (Download Link Below)
Odeon JAF v1.98
(Download Link Below) [in one package]
• Download the firmware for your HP, for example, to type RM-495 nokia 5130c-2 XpressMusic as I have. You can use NAVIFIRM (Already a package the download).


How it Works:
Backup all your data in particular Contact, Message, Calendar, etc. on a Memory Card and remove the "MEMORY CARD". Because the flashing process will erase your data overall.
Install Nokia PC Suite after that restart your computer.
Install Odeon JAF, OPEN directory (usually C: \ ProgramFiles \ Odeon then replace the files in the directory "C: \ Program Files \ Odeon \ JAF \ jaf_nok4models.ini" to file "jaf_nok4models.ini" contained in the archive that you downloaded .
Turn off your mobile phones, [OFF MEMORY CARD AND SIM CARD] plug the USB data cable and connect it with the computer, then press the power button once only and do not hold. This will activate the USB ROM Generic USB Flasher. Wait a minute ...... If so, Approximately 10 Seconds ....
Run JAF Emulator, In Tab Step 1, select Random PKEY Raskal SN, then stepped to Tab Step 2, select the JAF (main), then click the GO (selected launch EXE). (THERE IS ON FILE YOU DOWNLOAD)


JAF will open, you will see an error message (Error: BOX DRIVER NOT installed), click OK Only.
Minimize Emulator, do not be closed. (Application can not run without JAF Emulator)
Copy of your HP firmware that you downloaded with Navifirm, put the downloads in a folder whose name is the type of firmware your phone, for example, RM-237 (Nokia 3110c).
Copy the folder to the directory "C: \ Program Files \ Nokia \ Phoenix \ products \ RM-237" if the directory does not exist, please create a new folder in accordance with the address directory.

 Type RM-237 is my HP (Nokia 3110C) For HP Firmware Type what you can Adjusted        Typenya Folder and name it "RM = 237" with your HP Type Firmware. To ngeceknya press * # 0000 * ntar appear above the text "© nokia" if in your HP. HP if its dead, just googling about the firmware type. 

In the JAF application, go to BB5 tab and give a check mark on the options and Dead USB Flash Manual, remove the check mark on the CRT 308 option then give a check mark on Use THIS option.

Wait a minute, will open a small window.
In the dialog Select Phone Model, please select your mobile type, for example RM-237 Nokia 3110c (adjust the Type HP). If so, click OK.
Phone MODE Select "NORMAL" (his choice at the bottom right corner on the PHONE MODE)
Now click FLASH, the dialog box that appears click Yes.
Then press the power button on your phone just once and do not hold.
flashing prosess will run. Please wait.

Read Each command / News in the box, when instructed "PRESS ON PHONE" then press the POWER button, APPROXIMATELY 2 seconds until a voice that indicates there is HARDWARE IN

Wait for the process running ..
If there are any messages, OK, if not your phone will restart itself after finish.
Now that you've diflashing HP, please set the time. Easy right?

1. HP flashing with JAF only for Nokia phones.
2. DO NOT use / run any application during FLASHING lasts because it can interfere with the process FLASING [he said] and the flashing process will fail.
3. If you can make a new user account [windows] because the default settings for, so do not interrupt the flashing process.
4. Pray [hehehehe]


Do not be too often Nge-Flash (later even damage resistance of HP)
DO NOT use a memory card exceeds [all that excess is not good]

Links Download Application For Mobile Flashing
Download Nokia PC Suite
Download Odeon JAF

Source : How To Flash With JAF Nokia Via USB


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